The Interview

Oh crap I got a phone call back to attend an interview. Little did I know the position was apprentice chef to the governor of Queensland.  I sure noticed when I was dropped off at the security building just past the massive ornate white gates. Ok a little more nervous now. An interview for a job with the governor is like being in a police line up(I think) you keep running the thoughts through your head about what they will find with security checks ready to say I didn’t do it.
The formal interview went well though and I was invited with the head chef to have a tour.  Wow people live like this  noooooo I though it was just on tv. What an eye opener, opulence like I had never seen and that was just the staff only areas, I was not cleared to see private rooms.  The head chef though was to me a food god in clean pressed whites with an aura that was immediately humbling. I got the job.  Why, not because of the interview but my reaction to the centre piece sculptures and vegetable carvings that chef showed.”amazing I want to learn to make these”
Next – first day – meeting the staff



I have many idea’s every day,  most ideas not worth a second thought but a few are worth use.  After researching patents and copyright my decision is to just share.  there are many innovation share sites but I want mine to be plain old share.  So I will post my ideas, you are welcome to add, expand, comment or criticise.  Alternatively you can blog your own innovations.  If anyone or company would like to take an idea then I would request you consult with me as I may have the concept further fleshed out and can add more.

Rowan Nancarrow

Trained very traditionally by Master Chef Myles Seymour.  Under his expert guidance I learnt to work, act, live and love as a Chef.  We had a special passion for Pastry and Artist expression.  While serving my Apprenticeship I received many accolades from within the Industry and from the community.  Being indentured to Government House Brisbane for my first Five Years my skills were honed to Michelin star levels.  Among other fantastic posting around Brisbane and the Gold Coast I was privileged enough to be selected to work on The Great South Pacific Express,  the Orient Express train traveled between Cairns and Sydney.  The Carriages were all hand crafted from local timbers and endangered master craftsmen.  Many of the fitting and fixtures were one of bespoke items and the Staff were similarly hand selected from many highly skilled applicants.  Serving First class meals on a moving boutique hotel is an experience I will never forget and one that for me will forever be missed.  Unfortunately the train was decommissioned after 5 years of operation.

While working my free time was often taken up practising and creating for friends, family and customers.  I truly believe that every edible art piece that I create reflect a little of the passion and love that I have for Pastry, cakes and center pieces.  Please view the images I have placed in this Gallery and dream up some amazing creation for your celebration and challenge me,  you won’t be disappointed.

Getting to know WordPress


Working out this blogging thing is not as simple as all the tutorials show, latest not for me. Perhaps I am just blind but can anyone help with WordPress blogs? I have a number of pages on my blog and I want them to all be like separate blog threads and the home page to show the latest post from any of these pages. As it stands the pages are just that, pages. If I want to add to my post I have to either edit the post or comment on my own post, I am wanting to just add another post to this thread.
For example. The page about me was planned to be a kind of bio of where I have been and what I have done(exiting stuff). But I always wanted to write a book about life as an apprentice chef, and blogging it will help me improve my crap writing skills. At least I hope it will, ( any teachers or editors out there you are welcome to correct my writing or suggest some better options)

I look forward to some more information from the people of the blog world.

Keep smilin

How did I become a Chef?

Blind Luck.  as with most people I knew in high school my results were, a little lower than I expected, ok a lot lower than my parents expected.  So what to do, no university, no business college  I know technical college.  Yeah what will I study then, catering yes thats me.  After 18 months studying food and catering stuff I was back where i started, just now I was holding an Associate Diploma.  So one morning I decided to look in the paper for an Apprenticeship  bingo there was one advertisement.  so the application went in.

Friday Fun Food

Hi ho,

Today cooking in up some samples for Wedding cakes.  a few sponge flavours, some cake pops and some decorating.  But first off, plant my Asparagus, Snow peas and Shallots.  I go some Raspberry canes yesterday, anyone grown these before around Brisbane Australia before?.  think I might put them near the water tank.  I’ll have some picks of todays bake tomorrow. Later