Last Dinner Ever

Last supperI was completing a Job application today and came across an interesting question I wanted to share.

“you are preparing to serve a meal to 6 close friends, it is the last meals ever what do you serve?”

My mind and taste buds went mad thinking about the tastes and flavours I would want to appreciate for these final moments.  Below is the menu I came up with.  Please comment or reply with you own menu.

Pre Dinner – Toasted turkish with avocado and seasalt

Appertiser – Confit Duck and crisp noodle salad with sweet chilli sauce.

Entree – Smoked freshwater trout and salmon roulade, poppy seed crisps and basil oil.

Refresher – Zesty lime sorbet

Main Course – Roasted Rib on the bone with garlic mash, whole corn, sweet potato and snow peas.  pan jus deglazed with grange(why not) and reduced to a glaze accompanied by Beetroot relish.

Dessert – Belgian Chocolate silk cake served room temperature with vanilla bean Ice cream and blueberry syrup.

Petit four – Miniture french vanilla slice & hazelnut truffles

Noble one shots

fresh ground Coffee & vanilla latte’.


Chefs have changed

This week I had the privilege of working at Brisbane city hall. Arriving to the kitchens I was meet with the sparkle of a new kitchen, wow. I can see that the new food safety and general safety rules have made big changes to how kitchens are designed and operated. All areas have been sectioned off and cold rooms are interconnecting. Arriving with no idea of what where who or why made only the arrivals time a known for me. I was met by the executive chef who greeted me and instructed me to dress and report back, after with he introduced me to the executive sous chef and away we went. The exec sous chef and his team were responsible for preparing and serving the main course for 160 people that evening for dinner, as well as some prep for days ahead.

I was immediately given a recipe and instructed to make this by 2 and directed to the cold rooms. After a bit of lost dogin around the place I got to work in the silence of a large kitchen, weird!
The shift went well and the team of chefs were very understanding and helpful, as well as exceptionally talented and driven to achieve. The meals were served by 14 people in two teams very smoothly and the quality above many exclusive al a carte restaurants.
I had a good time, learnt heaps, realised how out of touch I am, touched quality products and meet Brisbane’s finest chefs. If you have the opportunity to eat or work at Brisbane city hall I definitely recommend it.

Back to the tools

Well it back to the kitchen for me. While our photography business is growing slowly, it is not paying the bills. If anyone knows how to live for free tell me how.
So I signed up with a local employment agency and have been working days cooking for staff canteen, footy games and soon restaurants. At first I thought I could not do this again after 8+ years out, but everything came flooding back and it’s actually refreshing to cook again. Not sure if the casual thing will last but for now it boosting the income and refreshing my skills. Thanks for listening.

Getting to know WordPress


Working out this blogging thing is not as simple as all the tutorials show, latest not for me. Perhaps I am just blind but can anyone help with WordPress blogs? I have a number of pages on my blog and I want them to all be like separate blog threads and the home page to show the latest post from any of these pages. As it stands the pages are just that, pages. If I want to add to my post I have to either edit the post or comment on my own post, I am wanting to just add another post to this thread.
For example. The page about me was planned to be a kind of bio of where I have been and what I have done(exiting stuff). But I always wanted to write a book about life as an apprentice chef, and blogging it will help me improve my crap writing skills. At least I hope it will, ( any teachers or editors out there you are welcome to correct my writing or suggest some better options)

I look forward to some more information from the people of the blog world.

Keep smilin

Welcome to my blog

This is new to me and I am probably new to you.  I welcome you to ‘rownstuff’ a blog about Rowan Nancarrow, thing i love, hate, want to share, are doing, planning etc etc etc.  Please follow, like, share & care.