Montecarlo biscuits

The very first job I had. Yes Montecarlo biscuits from scratch. Mmmmm still one of my favs. Sweet shortcrust biscuits( almost shortbread but not quite) sandwiched with apple raspberry jam and butter cream swirl. Serve chilled has always been my preference. The remainder of the first day and many from then are a blur now, but the skills knowledge and techniques remain clear. For me the best of my apprenticeship looking back would have to be the fantastic people and memories that shaped who I am today. The incredible food, produce, recipes, services etc I believe helped create my true passion for all things food.
Next entry I’ll try to recall some of the excellent meals I helped prepare and serve.



The greeting continued.

After my last post I need to clarify the names used. Much of what goes on in a government position is classified in confidence. Even after leaving. The names and explications are meant with the utmost respect to protect them and myself.
Freckles. The head Gardner. The father of the most beautiful black and white whippet x mini foxy pup.
Herbs. One of the many gardners who cared for our herb garden. He was dentally challenged so conversations often created some hilarious moments.
Bob the boat builder. Our head butler. He had a plan to build a boat in his single carport. We never saw more than plans.
Wus. The executive laundryman. I have never understood why he had this name. But he was a man blessed with memories and stories of better time when things were done the rite way “my way” as he would say.
Obviously this list does not contain all the people I met so I will endouver to introduce them as my story unveils.
Next. My first task.

Hidden Treasure

Perfect.  We must protect our home
Perfect. We must protect our home

Last weekend the Family was treated to a day in the Sunshine coast hinterland Queensland.  Our guide “Kate Wall” Exceptional local Photographer and friend.  Kate softened up a little and showed us one of her secret spot for photographing forests, water, wildlife etc.  After having to wear blindfolds and driven along bumpy roads! lol, we arrived at a pristine natural wonder.  When I enter one of these forests I am always humbled by their beauty and reminded why humans are here – to protect our home.  Attached is one of my images from the day.  Thanks Kate I hope I have done the forest proud.