Chefs have changed

This week I had the privilege of working at Brisbane city hall. Arriving to the kitchens I was meet with the sparkle of a new kitchen, wow. I can see that the new food safety and general safety rules have made big changes to how kitchens are designed and operated. All areas have been sectioned off and cold rooms are interconnecting. Arriving with no idea of what where who or why made only the arrivals time a known for me. I was met by the executive chef who greeted me and instructed me to dress and report back, after with he introduced me to the executive sous chef and away we went. The exec sous chef and his team were responsible for preparing and serving the main course for 160 people that evening for dinner, as well as some prep for days ahead.

I was immediately given a recipe and instructed to make this by 2 and directed to the cold rooms. After a bit of lost dogin around the place I got to work in the silence of a large kitchen, weird!
The shift went well and the team of chefs were very understanding and helpful, as well as exceptionally talented and driven to achieve. The meals were served by 14 people in two teams very smoothly and the quality above many exclusive al a carte restaurants.
I had a good time, learnt heaps, realised how out of touch I am, touched quality products and meet Brisbane’s finest chefs. If you have the opportunity to eat or work at Brisbane city hall I definitely recommend it.


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