Pea and ham soup

At Christmas I decided to freeze the hambones from our fridge and mums. So time to make pea and ham soup.
Step one sauté onion and garlic in a large pot. When golden brown add the ham bones and top with 3 litres of water. Simmer for some time.
Step 2 after shopping for 2 hours come home to the intoxicating smell of smokey ham stock mmmmmmmm.
Step 3 wipe the druel from your lips.
Step 4 carefully remove the ham bone and meat. Try to resist eating some of the beautiful ham, I never can. Allow what’s left to cool.
Step 5 add one packet of green split peas( not frozen green peas) and simmer until mushy and thick. Make sure you stir lots to ensure no burning to bottom of pot. About 2 hours again.
Step 6 strip the meat from the bones and cut into smallish pieces( this will make sure no bone or cartliage will sneak into the soup.
Step 7 make you dogs day. ‘Good boy, you want a bone, yes!’
Step 8 pure the stock and pea mix and add the chopped ham, fresh chopped thyme and pepper to your taste(no salt as the ham has added enough. thin with water if needed.
step last serve with a dollop if cream and fresh turkish bread.
at this stage u sat down and savoured the mouth watering aroma, the fantastic flavour and warming feeling all over when you eat such hearty foods. the savouring lasted all of 30seconds before my guests revolted.
Child 1 “what’s this, it looks yucky and green”(with wrinkled up nose)
Child 2 “it makes my tummy funny, I don’t like it”(after one spoon full)
Grrrrrrrrrr one day they will appreciate, I did. On the positive side I enjoyed 2 bowls, half a loaf of Turkish bread and a full tummy. Mmmmmmmm what’s for dinner tomorrow.



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